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The Staff of Wood Badge Course SR-637

Bill Berry - Scoutmaster

Bill Berry - Scoutmaster
Ed Simmons - SA Program
Viola Holloway - Senior Patrol Leader
Kathy Wallace - SA Troop Guides
Bob Christopher - Historian
Jay Walker - Scribe
Brian Foster - SA Facilities
Gary Greer - SA Housing
Drew DeFoor - SA Camping
John Richard - Quartermaster
Jim Woods - Ass't Quartermaster
Ray Alverson - Troop Guide
Ginny Boucher - Troop Guide
Tina Cullum - Troop Guide
Mark Mabile - Troop Guide
Gary McFarland - Troop Guide
Karen O'Toole - Troop Guide
Larry Stehling - Troop Guide
Luis Velazquez - Troop Guide

Crew-SR637 - The Venturers

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Scoutmaster Bill Berry Bill Berry, Jr., Scoutmaster.. Bill is a member of the George Strake District. He has been an active adult leader for over fifteen years serving for twelve years as Scoutmaster of Troop 240.  He is a strong advocate of having a stronger scouting program through trained leaders and has served as the  District Boy Scout Training Chairman, on the District Cub and Boy Scout Roundtable Staff, University of Scouting Key Staff, Train the Trainer Staff, Philmont Faculty, and is the chairman of the Sam Houston Area Council's 2005 University of Scouting. Bill attended Wood Badge course SC-413. He is currently serving as the District Advancement Chairman, Crew Committee Chairman for Venturing Crew 911, and Order of the Arrow Associate Lodge Adviser for Colonneh Lodge. In addition to serving as Scoutmaster, he has also served as the  George Strake OA  Chapter Adviser and a Webelos Den Leader. He is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow, a recipient of a Colonneh Lodge numbered certificate, and the National OA Founder's Award. Bill has received several adult recognitions including the Silver Beaver, District Award of Merit, the George Strake District Leroy Golson Award, and the St. George award. His wife of 31 years, Labana, is a lifetime Girl Scout leader, having served in several  positions including  the San Jacinto Council Gold Award Committee. She has received the GSA Merit Pin and the GSA Thanks Badge, similar to the Silver Beaver. They have 3 children: Deputy Sheriff, Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor member, and Wood Badge trained Bill III, Texas A & M graduate Arwen, and UT Austin graduate Martha who just returned from a year studying in India. Both are  GSA Gold Award recipients.
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ASM Ed Simmons Ed Simmons, Assistant Scoutmaster for Program. Ed is a member of the Mustang District and has been active in Scouting for 20 years. He has served for 7 ½ years as Scoutmaster for Troop 567 in Katy. Ed and his wife, Glynn have a daughter in college at Texas Tech and an Eagle Scout son in college at Texas A&M. Ed has served on previous Wood Badge courses SR-356, SR-467, SR-472 and SR-477. He has also served on several Junior Leader Training Conferences. Ed has previously been a 2001 Jamboree Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop Chaplain, District Roundtable staff member and numerous training positions. He is an Eagle Scout, has received the Silver Beaver Award, District Award of Merit and the Cross & Flame Award. Ed is a Minister in the United Methodist Church serving at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church.
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SPL Viola Halloway Viola Halloway, Senior Patrol. Viola has been a member of the W L Davis District for the past ten years.  She currently is Assistant District Commissioner and  OA Advisor for W L Davis District and Assistant Scout Master for Troop 434. She previously held the offices of District Commissioner, Health and Safety Officer, Cub Round Table Staff and Den Leader for Pack 3434.  She is the proud parent of one child ,Samuel who recently completed his board of review for the Eagle Scout Award.  She is a member of  Wood Bage SR 301 "Thundering Heard of Buffalos"  Some of the awards she has received are the Silver Beaver Award, Distinguished Commissioner and District Award of Merit. 
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ASM Kathy Wallace Kathy Wallace, Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop Guides. Kathy is a member of Polaris District and has been active in Scouting for 15 years.  Kathy currently serves as District Commissioner, Advisor for Crew 469, COR for Pack 469 and Committee member of Troop 469. Kathy and her husband Tim have 3 sons, 2 Eagle Scouts and a Star Scout.  Before his death in January her oldest son, Greg, attended and played basketball for West Point and Stephen F. Austin.  Ryan, her second son, attends and plays basketball for West Point in New York.  Reid, her youngest son, is very active in the 8th grade. Kathy has completed a 10-day trek at Philmont with her older sons and is a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow.  She has served as both Pack and Troop Committee Chairman, Den and WEBELOS Leaders, Assistant Cubmaster, Assistant District Commissioner and numerous staff positions for District events.  She has received the District Award of Merit, the Silver Beaver Award and the Distinguished Commissioner Award.
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Historian Dr. Bob Christopher Bob Christopher, Historian. Bob is an Eagle Scout and a member of the George Strake District. He has been in Scouting for eighteen years. Bob is a Silver Beaver, Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow, recipient of the OA Founder’s Award, a Colonneh Lodge Numbered Certificate, the District Award of Merit, George Strake Leroy Golson Scouter of the Year Award and the Honor Medal with Crossed Palms for lifesaving. Bob served as the Scoutmaster of Wood Badge Course SR-467. Bob has been married to his wife Vicki for twenty-seven years. He lives in Conroe where he has been a dentist for over twenty-four years. As a youth, Bob attended the 1969 Jamboree. When not Scouting, Bob is an avid Scuba diver and wood worker.
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Scribe Jay Walker Jay Walker, Scribe. Jay has been an active Scouter for over 20 years in the George Strake District. He is presently Advisor for Crew-911. Jay has received the Silver Beaver, District Award of Merit, and the George Strake District Leroy Golson Award. He is an OA Vigil Honor Member. Jay is the co-founder and CEO of The NBO Scout Training Team. This not for profit Texas Corporation sponsors the Deer Lake Canoe Clinic and provides American Red Cross First Aid/CPR and aquatic training programs to over 1,500 Scouts and Scouters annually. Youth instructors from Crew-911 support the largest ARC Basic Aid Training program for WEBELOS in the country, a program that was started in the SHAC by Jay’s Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor Member son James. Jay has been married to his wife Trina for 29 years.
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ASM Brian Foster Brian Foster, Assistant Scoutmaster for Facilities. Brian has been in Scouting for 39 years and is a member of the Mustang District. He is currently serving as District Commissioner for Mustang and Troop Committee Chair for Troop 424 in Katy. He has served as District Training Chair, Camp Director for WEBELOS Woods, and the Scoutmaster Specific Training Team. At the unit level he has served as Asstant Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor for the High Adventure trip to Charles L. Sommers Northern Tier Canoe Base, WEBELOS Den Leader, and Den Leader. He is an Owl from SR-356, an Eagle Scout, Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow and recipient of the District Award of Merit. Brian and his wife of 25 years Terri live in Katy. They have two children - Jennifer is a senior at University of Houston with plans to go to Law School, Steven is an Eagle Scout, a Junior at Katy High School with his sights set on Texas A&M.
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ASM Gary Greer Gary Greer, Assistant Scoutmaster for Housing. Gary and his wife, Melissa, have a daughter, Chloe (14), and a son, Stirling (11), a Tenderfoot in Troop 1659.  Gary serves on the Troop Committee as Chaplain for Troop 1659 in Spring, and was previously Cubmaster at Pack 1323 in Spring.  He presently serves Polaris District as a Unit Commissioner and is on the Membership team as the Webelos Transition Chairman.  Gary has served the past two years as Polaris District's Family Friends of Scouting Chairman and has received the District Award of Merit.  Gary has served on two previous Wood Badge Courses, SR-472 and SR-577, and is in the Eagle Patrol of SHAC's inaugural 21st Century Wood Badge course, SR-446.
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ASM Drew DeFoor Drew DeFoor, Assistant Scoutmaster for Camping. Drew is a member of the Mustang District and has been active in Scouting for 14 years. He currently serves as Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 567, Assistant District Commissioner, and as the chairman for the Mustang District Merit Badge Fair. He has also served as Troop Committee Member, Outdoor Activities Chairman, and Summer Camp Coordinator. Drew is a member of the Order of the Arrow and a Buffalo from SR-467. Drew has received the Red Cross Certificate of Merit, which is the highest honor given by the Red Cross for lifesaving. Drew lives in Katy with his wife Carol, son Andy, 15, a Star Scout, and his three daughters, April, 17, Amanda, 14, and Katherine, 16 months.
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QM John Richard John Richard, Quartermaster. John is a member of the George Strake District and has been active in Scouting for over 20 years.  John currently serves as Council Training Equipment Quartermaster and an Advisor for Crew 240.  John and Moira's son, Joe, is an Eagle Scout, a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow and quite a musician.  John has served as Roundtable Commissioner, Cub & Boy Scout Leader, National Jamboree Staff-Merit Badge Midway, Trainer for University of Scouting, Cub Scout Leader and Boy Scout Leader Trainings.  John is an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver Recipient and Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.
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AQM Jim Woods Jim Woods, Assistant Quartermaster. Jim is a member of the Mustang District and has been active in Scouting for 6 years. He has served as Committee Chair and Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 567 in Katy for the past 5 years. Jim and his wife Ruth have a son, James, a Life Scout in Troop 567 and a daughter, Joanna, a Junior in Girl Scout Troop 5580. Jim has served as Unit Commissioner, a Friends of Scouting presenter, and a presenter for the Troop Committee Challenge. He is a Fox from Wood Badge Course SR-356.
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Guide Ray Alverson Ray Alverson, Troop Guide. Ray is a member of the Tatanka and Brazos Districts. He has been a Scouter for 21 years. He has served as a Venture Crew Advisor, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Chairman, Cubmaster, Den Leader, Pack Committee Member. In the Tatanka District, he has served as the District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, Unit Commissioner, Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, and on the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing Training Teams and on the District Committee. In the Brazos District, Ray has served as a Unit Commissioner. For the Order of the Arrow, he has served as Associate Lodge Advisor, Interim Chapter Advisor, and Associate Chapter Advisor. He is a Vigil Honor Member of Colonneh Lodge. He has received the Tatanka District Mullet Award, the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver. Ray and Bonnie have been married for thirty years. Ray and Bonnie chaired the Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow. Their son, Shawn, is a Vigil Honor Member of the Order of the Arrow and an Eagle Scout. Shawn is a Senior at the University of Texas, majoring in Physics.
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Guide Ginny Boucher Ginny Boucher, Troop Guide. Ginny has been a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America for the last 10 years. She has served in each Cub Scout leader position, and has earned the training knot for each. Most recently, she has assumed the duties of District Commissioner for Raven District. She was Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner for 2½ year prior to becoming District Commissioner. She has received the District Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver from Sam Houston Area Council. She is a member of the Wood Badge class SR-356 and the “Singing Foxes” patrol, having received her beads in July, 2002. Ginny, her husband Allen (Scoutmaster, Troop 707), and son Jeff (Life Scout), have been living in Baytown for the last 5 years.
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Guide Tina Cullum Tina Cullum, Troop Guide. Tina is a member of the Polaris District has been in scouting for 8 years, serving as a Den Leader for Tigers through WEBELOS in Pack 1565, then moving to Boy Scouts and now a Venture Crew. She has served on many District teams. She is a Friends of Scouting presenter, is on the School Night for scouting training team, and has been the chairman for BALOO training. Tina is currently holding the Unit Publicity position for Polaris District. She helped in presenting the Junior Achievement Success Skills Program to Crew 1565, Polaris District and Crew 655, Rising Star District. Tina received the Spark Plug award from the District for her unit in 2004. She has 1 child, a 14 year old son, Dustin, who will soon be an Eagle Scout. Her husband Don is also involved in Troop, Crew, and District activities as well. Tina and Don took Wood Badge training together and celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on the course. She is a proud Beaver of SR472.
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Guide Mark Mabile Mark Mabile, Troop Guide. Mark is a member of the George Strake District and has been active in scouting for 14 years. Mark currently serves as Vice Chairman of Program and as a Unit Commissioner. Mark and his wife have three daughters and one son, Gregory who is an Eagle Scout. His oldest daughter is married and teaching grammar school. His other three children are enrolled at Louisiana State University. Mark has served as Outdoor Coordinator, High Adventure Coordinator, Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout troop in Malaysia, Roundtable Commissioner, and Scoutmaster for Troop 204 in The Woodlands. Mark has received four “50 miler” patches and his trips include: Boundary Waters (2), 100 Mile Wilderness in Maine, Ozark Highlands Trail, Buffalo River Trail, and the Canadian Rockies (2). He has received the Scoutmaster of the Year Award, George Strake District Pine Tree Award and the District Award of Merit.
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Guide Gary McFarland Gary McFarland, Troop Guide. Gary is a member of the Tomahawk District He has been active in scouting for over 16 years and serves as the Tomahawk District Vice-Chair of Program, OA Adult Elections Advisor and Assistant Scoutmaster for T-103 in Sugar Land. He has served as Scoutmaster, Unit Committee Chair, Advancement Chair, Camping Chair, District Activities Chairman, Camporee Chairman, Training Staff, POWWOW Staff and University of Scouting Staff. Gary received the Cub Scouter Award, Den Leader Award, WEBELOS Den Leader Award, Boy Scout Trainer Award, District Award of Merit and Tomahawk District “Tomahawk” Award. He has participated in numerous High Adventure events including three Philmont Treks. He and his wife Cathy have 3 sons and 1 daughter. Stephen is an Eagle Scout and is part owner of his own business. Bobby is an Eagle Scout and is starting his 3rd year at Texas A&M. Bradley is a High School freshman and well on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. Katie is anxiously waiting to become old enough for Venturing. Gary is the Director of Information Systems for the City of Sugar Land, having served in local government for over 26 years.
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Guide Karen O’Toole Karen O’Toole, Troop Guide. Karen is a member of the George Strake District. She became active in Scouting 10 years ago when her oldest son joined Cub Scouts in Colorado where she served as a Den Leader, WEBELOS Leader, and Pack Advancement Chairman. Upon moving to Texas Karen became active in Boy Scouting and Venturing and served as Troop Advancement Chairman for Troop 204 and Crew Committee Chairman for Crew 204. Karen also serves the George Strake District as a member of the Advancement Team, Training Team, Camporee Committee, and as a Unit Commissioner. Karen and her husband, Fred (also an active Scouter) are the parents of two Eagle Scouts, Daniel and Andrew.
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Guide Larry Stehling Larry Stehling, Troop Guide. Larry has been a scouter for 16 years in the Mustang District. He has served as a Den Leader, WEBELOS Leader, Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Member, District Committee Member, Boy Scout Leader Training Chairman and Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor. Larry currently serves as a District Vice Chairman and is a Colonneh Lodge Associate Adviser. Larry has received the Cub Leader Training Award, Cub Leader Award, Scouter Training Award, Scoutmaster’s Key, District Committee Award, District Award of Merit and Silver Beaver. Larry is an OA Vigil Honor member and has received a Colonneh Lodge numbered certificate. Larry has served on staff at the National Boy Scout Jamboree 2001 and the National Order of the Arrow Conference 2002. Larry has been married 28 years to Joan and they have two children, Kelly in her last year at Stephen F. Austin and Kyle, an Eagle Scout, OA Vigil Honor Member attends the University of Houston.
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Guide Louie Valazquez Luis (Louie) Valazquez, Troop Guide. Louie is a member of Golden Arrow District and has been involved in Scouting since 1998 with Pack 80 and Troop 80 at Saint Francis de Sales Church in Sharpstown. He has served as Assistant Committee Chair, Den Leader and Cubmaster and is currently Assistant Scoutmaster, Patrol and Librarian Advisor. Louie has been married to his wife Mary for 20 years and has 4 children. His son Gabe is a First Class Scout and Troop Historian, his younger daughters Angela and Rosie are both Girl Scouts. His older daughter Theresa works full time. Louie enjoys music, art and writing . He is a Telecommunications Supervisor for a Houston based energy company
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