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Bill Berry, Jr.

The Practical Phase of SR-637 Is History...
Now The FUN Begins!

The SR-637 Beaver Patrol!
The SR-637 Bob White Patrol!
The SR-637 Eagle Patrol!
The SR-637 Fox Patrol!
The SR-637 Owl Patrol!
The SR-637 Bear Patrol!
The SR-637 Buffalo Patrol!
The SR-637 Antelope Patrol!
SR-637 Positively Impacting Youth

The Pen is in YOUR Hand!

Gilwell Gazette SR-637 Day #1
Welcome Scouters

Gilwell Gazette SR-637 Day #2
Troop 1 Adds 49 New Members...

Gilwell Gazette SR-637 Day #3
Day 2 Was A Blast...

Gilwell Gazette SR-637 Day #4
Welcome Back Wood Badgers

Gilwell Gazette SR-637 Day #5
The Fun and Learning Continue...

Gilwell Gazette SR-637 Day #6
A Project Worthy of a Wood Badge Course!

Why Should YOU attend Wood Badge?...

Wood Badge for the 21st Century Course SR-637 Was held October 8-10 at The Conference Center and October 29-31, 2004 at Kuester Lodge, BSA Camp Strake near Conroe, Texas.

Wood Badge is leadership training for all Scout Leaders who are involved in the programs of the Boy Scouts of America Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing, as well as council and district leaders, and professionals. Out of Council participants are welcome.

Please email us:
More Information about Wood Badge Training opportunities in our Council.
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