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Our 2014 Class Schedule
is on our Schedule Tab!

Find out more about the Deer Lake Canoe Clinic
The application process begins with an email to
The SPRING 2014 Clinic will be May 16-18 (Location Pending)!

The Next WaRFA class is April 5-6 at GSUSA Camp Robinwood. Space will be limited in this class!

Find out more about our Wilderness Remote First Aid program
The application process begins with an email to

Emergency Medical Response/Lifeguarding Class of 2015
First Class Meeting, Sunday January 4, 2015

Find out more about our Emergency Medical Response - Lifeguarding Program
Email us for information or to register

The NBO Scout Training Team is no longer offering classes at BSA Camp Strake.

We do not presently have a First Aid-CPR/AED or BAT schedule for Spring 2014.
BSA Troop 777 will soon be offering BAT classes in The Woodlands.
We will have their schedule when it is finalized.
First Aid-CPR/AED training is available directly from The American Red Cross.
See the ARC National web site for area classes.

Check out our current Program Schedule

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Enews from
The NBO Scout Training Team
and BSA Crew-911

March 5, 2014 *** Enews from The NBO Scout Training Team and BSA Crew-911 ***

This Sunday, March 9, 2014. EMR/LG Second Annual Crawfish Lunch!
Friday, April 4 - Crew-911 Event at GSUSA Camp Robinwood
Saturday/Sunday, April 4-5 - Wilderness and Remote First Aid at GSUSA Camp Robinwood.

We are off to a great start for 2014! The EMR/LG Class of 2014 is going great. Lots of new faces this year along with some very welcome older ones too. Bob Cargo is back. We have a host of excellent instructor candidates as well as one of the largest groups of participants we have had in many years. As always though, lots of stuff going on.

This weekend, Sunday, March 9 we are having our second annual Crawfish Lunch with the EMR/LG Class of 2014! We are past the half-way point and we are done with Lifeguarding and... it is Jenna's birthday. All our ER/LG and EMR/LG alumni are invited to join us. Email me or David LeGaye for details or come by the classroom before noon.

We do have our 2014 class schedule published on our web site. At present, we do not have a FA-CPR/AED or BAT program scheduled. We will be partnering with Troop 777 in The Woodlands so our WEBELOS can have a fun way to earn their Readyman activity. We also plan to partner with Districts and larger Troops to offer FA-CPR/AED training. There are, however, ample opportunities to complete FA-CPR/AED classes in our area. There is an on-line option as well as frequently scheduled instructor lead programs. See The American Red Cross web site for Houston area class offerings.

Friday, April 4 is our first Crew-911 Event. We will be at GSUSA Camp Robinwood preparing for our Saturday/Sunday WaRFA class. All our Crew-911 members and our Green Shirted Friends are invited to help us set up then enjoy music, movies or X-Box. I am sure that pizza will magically appear too. This is our first WaRFA at Robinwood and we will need lots of help getting ready for what will likely be a very large class. We will be self-catering this event and could sure use all the help we can get with the logistics. We do need our WaRFA youth and adult staffers to pull this off. David will need a good number of willing volunteers for Sunday too as victims. My guess is the camp will never be the same!

The Deer Lake Canoe Clinic will be May 16-18 this year at GSUSA Camp Arnold. Out Fall clinic at Camp Robinwood was a great success by pretty much any measure and we expect our first program at Camp Arnold to be a winner too. We are expecting a very large group of participants for this one.

We have had lots of challenges this Spring but the program is now taking shape. Our move away from Camp Strake has not been easy for us but the move was necessary. We do sincerely appreciate the cooperation we have received from The GSUSA as we transition or core programs to their facilities. To our many dedicated youth and adult volunteers... you guys make the training team work! Thank you. Your commitment is very much appreciated.

Jay Walker
Advisor, BSA Crew 911
The Woodlands/Conroe Texas

November 28,2013 Enews from The NBO Scout Training Team and BSA Crew-911

Friday, December 6, BSA Camp Strake Conference Center C-911.NBOSTT Reunion Celebration
Saturday December 7, FA-CPR/AED and BAT at The Camp Strake Conference Center
Saturday/Sunday December 7-8,Wilderness and Remote First Aid at The Camp Strake Conference Center

As always, lots going on with Crew-911 and The NBO Scout Training Team!

To ALL our BSA Crew-911 Alumni, current members, Green Shirted Friends, Training Team Staff Instructors and friends of Crew-911

Please plan to join us next Friday evening at The Camp Strake Conference Center Dining Room for our Crew-911/NBO Scouting Team Reunion Celebration. We are celebrating 20+ years of providing American Red Cross training programs to now over 30,000 Scouts and Scouters. We will also officially observe the passing of an era too as we hold our very last training program at the "old" Camp Strake.

We plan to begin the program about 7:00 PM but we will be on-site beginning about 5:00 PM. Come early and add to the memories! We will have several running slide shows that chronicle our many years and uncover the antics of many teenagers doing what has made Crew-911 famous or infamous depending on your point of view. The actual program will follow dinner and should be fairly short. We will have the opportunity to review what we have done and present our future plans.

Dinner will be catered for us by Pit Master BBQ of The Woodlands. Tommy Battles and his Pit Crew have "cooked up" some of the best brisket sausage and ribs around along with some great sides and their famous cobbler for dessert. You can bet some Blue Bell ice cream is going to show up about dissert time too! The cost for the evening is $10.00 per person and, as always, the elves will cover our youth member. We won't turn down any donations this time! We do need a fairly accurate head count though so please RSVP by Wednesday evening, December 4. Our out of town guests are welcome to stay with us in the cabins or dorms but please let me know if you want to sleep over.

Also, Saturday, December 7 we will have a fairly large BAT class so we do need our trained Crew-911 members along with as many of our green shirted friends as we can round up. The FA-CPR/AED class will need a lead instructor too. Please email us or let Jenna know if you can help.

Saturday and Sunday is or last Wilderness and Remote First Aid class for the year and our last class at Camp Strake. We do need all our instructors and youth staff to pull this one off. I am quite certain that David has some really great plans for our last class, Please plan to make this one very special.

Rest assured, we will have a program going forward though BUT it will not be at Camp Strake. Many have heard the rumor that our Deer Lake Canoe Clinic will move the Girl Scout camps near Willis and that is indeed where that program is headed. The Emergency Medical Response class will meet this year as usual at The American Red Cross office in The Woodlands and at The Conroe Swim Center. I really do not want to give away all of our future plans! That will be presented Friday evening after the dinner.

For the last 20+ years, you have helped make our programs a success and help bring a vision to life. Our community and Council are safer because of the dedication and support of our many volunteers. Thanks guys. This would not be possible without you! See you next Friday at our Reunion/Celebration!

Jay Walker
Advisor BSA Crew 911
The Woodlands/Conroe, TX

Emergency Medical Response--Lifeguarding Class of 2014

EMR/LG Class of 2014

Find out more about Emergency Response/Lifeguarding

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