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Upcoming Events from The NBO Scout Training Team

Our Next Wilderness and Remote First Aid program for Venture age teenagers
training with their adult leaders will be March 21-22
at GSUSA Camp Myra S. Pryor near Garwood, Texas on the Colorado River!
Registration Spread Sheet, Basic class information, Study Guide and prerequisites are available now!
(Youth Participants are invited to the Friday evening Crew-911 EVENT too!)

Find out more about our Wilderness Remote First Aid program
The application process begins with an email to

Emergency Medical Response/Lifeguarding Class of 2015
This Class is in Progress! Too late to join us this year!

Find out more about our Emergency Medical Response - Lifeguarding Program Email us for information or to register

We are working on our First Aid-CPR/AED and BAT schedule for Spring 2015.
First Aid-CPR/AED training is available directly from The American Red Cross.
See the ARC National web site for area classes.

Note: Please only use the email links on our web page to contact us!
Many previously published email addresses are no longer valid.

Check out our current Program Schedule

Enews from
The NBO Scout Training Team
and BSA Crew-911

January 22, 2015 Enews from The NBO Scout Training Team and BSA Crew-911

Saturday, January 24 - Tall Timbers District First Aid Meet!
Saturday, January 24 - District Dinner!
Saturday, February 7 - University of Scouting/Basic Aid Training
Friday, March 20 - Crew-911 Event at GSUSA Camp Myra S. Pryor
Saturday/Sunday, March 21-22 - Wilderness and Remote First Aid at GSUSA Camp Myra S. Pryor
Saturday, March 28 - Adult First Aid CPR/AED, The Galveston Bay Area Chapter
of Texas Master Naturalists (Scouts are welcome too!)

As always guys, lots going on with Crew-911 and the Training Team! Our Emergency Medical Response/Lifeguarding class is off to a great start. We have confirmed our first WaRFA training date for Spring too. The Crew will be headed to Western Colorado Council this Summer to put on a WaRFA program for them and train their instructors. Lots more about that soon!

This Saturday, January 24 is The Tall Timbers District annual First Aid meet. Crew-911 along with a bunch of our green shirted friends will be helping David and Danny LeGaye make this a fun event. Let Maddie know if you want to help. All of our EMR/LG “First Responder” alumni are welcome too. Plan to meet Danny at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 25623 Richards Road, Spring, Texas 77386 about 8:00 a.m. to get set for the scenarios!

Saturday, January 24 is also the Annual District Dinner. As always, Crew-911 members are very welcome to join us! We will have a very special guest joining us for the dinner. I really do not know what the youth officers have planned for the Crew center-piece this time but my bet, based on past history, it will me memorable. We have tickets for our Crew-911 youth members and their guests. Our green shirted friends are welcome to join us too! Just let Maddie know. We will plan to meet at about 6:00 p.m. at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 25623 Richards Road, Spring, Texas 77386. This is the same location as last year and the same location as the First Aid Meet.

Saturday, February 7 we will be presenting the BAT Basic Aid Training program for our WEBELOS friends at University of Scouting. Rumor has it that Wilber Longfellow will be attending too! We need all of our trained youth BAT instructors for this one. Scouts and Venturers that are interested in becoming BAT-Instructors are welcome on our youth staff too. Let Maddie know or drop us an email if your want to help out.

We are traveling about 80 miles West to a really great new venue for us! Our first WaRFA for 2015 will be March 21 and 22 at Girl Scout Camp Myra S. Pryor. We will hold our first “Crew-911 Event” Friday night too. Youth participants are welcome to join us. The youth officers always have something planned that usually involves cold pizza, movies and annoying music.

Camp Pryor is a newly remolded camp located on the Colorado River near Garwood, Texas. The drive from Houston is about the same as what it will be to the New Camp Strake. The facility is perfect for our Wilderness program. Our WaRFA class is open to Venture age Scouts and their leaders. We will be following more or less the same program we used at Camp Strake so participants can expect Sunday to be a cross between a First Aid Meet on steroids and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Participants and staff will be staying in cabins and the food will be great! Saturday dinner will be provided by the legendary Mikeska’s BBQ! Check the web site for registration information. The link to the forms will be up shortly!

Our year is off to a great start! Lots of new opportunities for us and some challenges too. We will be traveling a bit more this year and meeting new Scouting friends too. Our youth and adult volunteers are the key to our continued success! Thanks guys for helping us train nearly 30,000 Scouts and Scouters over the last 25 years!

Jay Walker
Advisor, BSA Crew-911
The Woodlands/Conroe Texas

January 1, 2015 Enews from The NBO Scout Training Team and BSA Crew-911

Sunday, January 4, 2015 - American Red Cross Office, The Woodlands, EMR/LG Class of 2015

Emergency Medical Response/Lifeguarding begins Sunday!

We will hold our kick-off meeting this Sunday, January 4, 2015 at The American Red Cross office in The Woodlands for The EMR/LG Class of 2015! This meeting officially begins at 2:00 PM and should last about an hour or so. New participants and our returning staffers are invited to meet us at our favorite Chinese restaurant prior to the class! We will be there about 12:30 PM. Look for the white First Responder shirts! See the links below.

We will present the class schedule, work out conflicts to the extent possible and answer questions. The water portion of our program will be held at The Conroe Aquatic Center and will generally be our morning sessions. The classroom portion of the program will be held at The ARC office in The Woodlands and that will generally be the afternoon session. We will discuss the specifics at our kick-off meeting. Participants must commit to attend "every Sunday" from 7:59 AM through 6:00 PM on each of our scheduled class days. Historically, our program will end the second Sunday in March.

Class fees will be $175.00 this year for new students and $40.00 for our repeat youth participants. We go to lunch as a group each week. Lunch is generally a buffet but always with a fixed price that is paid with a single check. We ask everyone to plan about $12.00/week for the lunch. We do have full and partial scholarships available for youth participants when there is a financial need as well. Fees will be due at our kick-off meeting but payment arrangements can be made at that time. Our registrar will handle requests for payment options in confidence. No youth participant will be turned away from any of our programs over course fees!

Bring your laptop or other device of your choice that can download our E-Book materials. You will need it at our kick-off meeting and at every scheduled class meeting. The entire class will be electronic again this year. Portions of the class will be interactive on the internet too. We will have reliable Wi-Fi at the ARC classroom as well as the pool.  

There will be homework assignments each week and it is essential that the assigned work be completed prior to the next class meeting. The EMR program is a Junior College level class and has strictly enforced Department of Transportation requirements for completion. The Lifeguarding program has strictly enforced requirements for certification too.

Our EMR/LG Program is open to mature Venture age teenagers (Fourteen or completed the 8th grade). Candidates must be "Fifteen by March fifteen" to complete the ARC Lifeguarding certification program. Membership in a Scout Troop, Crew, Team or Ship is recommended for our youth candidates but is not required. All adults, whether registered with the BSA or not, must complete the on-line BSA Youth Protection Training program and present the course director with a current certificate prior to participating in any session other than our kick-off meeting.

Guys, this is our 18th year for our First Responder program for teenagers! We do have room for a few more participants. Invite a friend to take the class with you. There is no need to register. Just plan to meet us Sunday, January 4th for the kick-off meeting!

Jay Walker
Advisor, BSA Crew-911
The Woodlands/Conroe Texas

Directions to the Kick-Off Meeting: American Red Cross office, The Woodlands
Directions to our favorite Chinese Restaurant: Beijing Chinese, The Woodlands

Emergency Medical Response--Lifeguarding Class of 2014

EMR/LG Class of 2014

Find out more about Emergency Response/Lifeguarding

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