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New Course Fees Announced (February 22, 2017)

The NBO Scout Training Team is dedicated to providing American Red Cross programs for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, other approved youth organizations and their adult leaders. Our goal is to provide quality programs at a reasonable cost. Over the last eight years or so we have absorbed the increased costs of operating our programs. We could do this for several reasons: Our classes are very popular and the increased interest along with larger than planned growth helps us offset the increases. We have enjoyed strong support from our volunteers and our many green shirted friends that help keep costs down too.

And then we have our Elves! Just as a Community Theater program has "angels", we have elves. Unlike angels, elves are mysterious creatures that are prone to mischief but, like angels, are extremely generous and resourceful. We can count on the generosity of our many adult "elves" that consistently come through for us when needed. BUT even elves have their limits and we can not expect our elves to underwrite the increased operating costs of our programs.

As many of you know, donations to The American Red Cross and The Boy Scouts of American are down substantially from past years and funding from traditional sources like The United Way have dwindled too. Some resources we counted on in the past and many expenses we covered with in-kind services are no longer available to us. Soon, The NBO Scout Training Team and ScoutCPR, Inc. will begin accepting tax deductible donations and your support will be appreciated.

The NBO Scout Training Team has experienced and continues to experience remarkable growth. The "vision" of the group's founders has been realized many times over and there is no end in sight! We have consistently produced quality programs and we plan to continue that tradition. We have added and expanded our programs too.

Here are our current class fees for all our program areas. (Revised 03/01/2020)

BAT - Basic Aid Training/WEBELOS First Responder Adventure - $20.00
FA-CPR/AED - First Aid, Adult CPR with AED - $35.00
WaRFA - Wilderness and Remote First Aid - $135.00
EMR/LG - Emergency Medical Resopnse with Lifeguarding - $200.00

We will also modify our meal policy for our WEBELOS "designated adult" or youth chaperones. Lunch for non-participants will be $10.00/person. We can no longer provide one complimentary lunch/per unit for adult chaperones.

We understand that price increases are never a welcome occurrence! And we understand that even though the cost of our programs is substantially lower than other sources for the same training, the cost of our programs may push the limits of a Scout's family budget. We do have a scholarship program for youth participants. Please contact us when there is a true financial need and we will do our best to help out. Our policy is that no youth participant will be turned away from any of our programs over his inability to pay for the class.

Thank you for your continued support of our Training Team and our classes. We do appreciate your understanding that sometimes we need to change our course fees.

NBOSTT/BSA Crew-911 Classes coming up...
(We now accept Credit Card Payment for Course Fees)

Large units or Districts that would like to sponsor FA-CPR/AED and/or BAT/WEBELOS First Responder Adventure programs should email us! We are also actively looking for suitable venues and Scouting sponsors for our Wilderness and Remote First Aid program. Please contact us for facility requirements.

2021 Classes

WARFA Class at Historic Josey Scout Lodge, Huntsville, TX!
  • October 01, 2021... Friday -- Crew-911 Event, Historic Josey Scout Lodge, Huntsville, TX
  • October 02-03. 2021... Saturday/Sunday -- WaRFA Wilderness and Remote First Aid, Historic Josey Scout Lodge, Huntsville, TX (Large Youth/Adult Groups Welcome!)
    We have room in this class... Please register soon!
Please help us achieve a youth to adult ratio of 1:1 for our Wilderness program.

EMR/LG Class of 2022 (Meets in The Woodlands and Conroe)
  • January 2, 2022... Sunday -- EMR/LG American Red Cross Emergency Medical Response/Lifeguarding (First class meeting)
  • January 9 - March 20. 2022... Sunday -- EMR/LG Class of 2022
    Email us for more information or to register!

WaRFA - Wilderness and Remote First Aid - Trek Leaders, Venturers and mature Scouts
FA-CPR/AED - Adult CPR with AED and First Aid - Scouts and Scouters - First Aid Merit Badge
Adult CPR/AED, Blended Learning - Participants registered for our WaRFA class ONLY! Email A-CPR/AED Blended Learning
BAT - Basic Aid Training - Webelos First Responder Adventure - First Aid Training for 4th and 5th grade boys and girls
EMR/WFR/LG - Emergency Medical Response/Wilderness First Responder/Lifeguarding - Mature Venture age teenagers and adults - DOT listed First Responder Training
WaRFA-Instructor - Mature teenagers, sixteen and older and Scouters that have completed the basic level WaRFA program
FA-CPR/AED-Instructor - Mature teenagers, sixteen and older and Scouters with better than average FA-CPR skills
BAT-Instructor - Basic Aid Training-Instructor, Mature Venture age teenagers - Youth Instructor Program

The current Wilderness course that the BSA accepts is Wilderness and Remote First Aid "WaRFA".
The WaRFA class has "current Adult CPR/AED certification from a nationally recognized training organization" as a hard prerequisite. Note: CPR/AED classes taught entirely on-line or classes that do not include supervised practice on a mannequin are NOT Acceptable. Current First Aid Certification isn't a prerequisite BUT is highly recommended. Professional level classes from recognized training organizations are accepted too. The Wilderness and Remote First Aid class also has a minimum age requirement of "14 by the last scheduled class session". All "currently registered youth Venturers" also meet the minimum age requirement.

The WaRFA program is designed especially for mature, Venturing age teenagers training with their adult leaders. This is NOT adult only training! Crew-911's realistic fully moulaged mutli-causality Sunday scenarios have been featured in Boy's Life and Scouting Magazine. This is a fun event for our youth participants!

Questions?... just email us!

You Can Make a Registration Request For our WaRFA Programs...

Please use this link: WaRFA Registration
Or Email us:

If you have not received a GROUP or INDIVIDUAL CONFIRMATION you are NOT REGISTERED!
Absolutely NO "Walk In" reservations are permitted. Class reservations close when the class is full or at 5:00 PM on the Monday before the scheduled class.

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