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The Northern Branch Office Scout Training Team began as a unit training program for Boy Scout Troop 777 in The Woodlands, Texas. Since our beginnings in 1990, the team has now trained over 30,000 WEBELOS, Ships, Venturers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and their adult leaders. Many boys, girls and adults have been called upon to use the skills they learned in our programs to help others and over a dozen have now been recognized by both The American Red Cross and the BSA for extraordinary acts of heroism.

The NBO Scout Training Team supports the BSA/ARC national training agreement. We have assisted other dedicated volunteers across the country in establishing American Red Cross based training programs for Scouts. We offer instructor level training for all our program areas too.

We charter BSA Venturing Crew-911. Crew-911 offers area teens, fourteen and older and young adults the opportunity to learn and practice advanced first aid, lifesaving, and rescue skills. Our youth members operate the largest BAT Basic Aid Training program for WEBELOS in the country. Crew-911 has quite a reputation in our District and Council for providing a unique service to Scouting, to our Community and having fun doing it!

Come and train with us! We offer a full range of American Red Cross programs from our BAT Basic Aid Training program for Cub Scouts earning the WEBELOS First Responder Adventure award through our First Responder/Wilderness First Responder and Lifeguarding programs for mature Venturing age teens. We offer First Aid-CPR/AED and Wilderness and Remote First Aid training too.

Crew-911, The BSA and The American Red Cross… Together, we DO save lives!

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Note: The current Wilderness First Aid course that the BSA accepts for high adventure training from The American Red Cross is WaRFA (Wilderness and Remote First Aid). This class has "current Adult CPR/AED certification from a nationally recognized training organization" as a prerequisite. The class also has a hard minimum age requirement of "14 by the last scheduled class session" or currently registered in a Crew or Ship. To meet BSA standrds, ALL BSA APPROVED Wilderness First Aid classes must include sixteen hours of scheduled class time (excluding meal time and breaks). Importnat note: Philmont and the other BSA high adventure bases requirning Wilderness First Aid training WILL NOT accept certifications offered by non-approved training agencies. There are no BSA approved classes that are less than sixteen-hours in duration.

Use this link to request reservations for our WaRFA classes: Register for WaRFA

We Are Back!
Wilderness and Remote First Aid Class announced!
Saturday/Sunday, May 04-05, 2024
Historic Josey Scout Lodge, Huntsville, Texas

We have room in this Class!

Join BSA Crew 911!

We are actively recruiting youth members for our now infamous crew! Venture age teenagers are welcome to join. If you are interested in Advanced First aid, Lifeguarding, First Responder training or are considering a medical career, Crew-911 is for you. We offer training opportunities for Scouts and Scouters as well as an American Red Cross instructor program for Scouters and Scouts sixteen and older. Already a BSA Crew or Ship youth member? Join our "Green Shirted Friends" and participate in our activities too!

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Note: Please only use the email links currently on our web page to contact us! Many previously used email addresses are no longer valid.

Important NOTE for all our classes: If you have not received a GROUP or INDIVIDUAL CONFIRMATION you are NOT REGISTERED!
Absolutely NO "Walk In" reservations are permitted. Class reservations close when the class is full or at 5:00 PM on the Monday before the scheduled class.

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